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Latex Blowup Top

Incapable of movement, I am locked in the latex top. The inflated top does not allow me to move my arms or hands.


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Pink in the pool

The latex summer is finally coming, where I like to cool off in the pool. What a pleasure for me to step into the cool water in a catsuit. Fantastic.


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Latex Manga Doll

Fantasy worlds, cosplay, manga all in latex. I like to dive into these worlds and enjoy their fascination.


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Latex balloon hood

Completely enclosed, completely to myself, I enjoy the extreme mask that hugs my face and lets me enjoy the latex. What a great experience.



My watering can

Watch me as I refresh myself with the cool water from the watering can. What a relief the wet on my latex catsuit.


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Latex, more and more latex

I made myself a cool, strict hairstyle and put on fine latex clothes. But I want more. I put on a catsuit with a mask and I feel great.


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A special, laced latex bermuda shorts

With this update I show you my laced latex Bermuda shorts. The lacing is tough, it allows me to play exciting games.


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The red latex panties part 2

The game with the red latex panties inspires me. I try out some of my game ideas on my slave.


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Purple catsuit

Have I already revealed that purple is one of my favorite colors. Today I am wearing a latex catsuit in the same color. Can it get any better?



The scent of a latex lady

My slave wants to enjoy my latex smell. He's sure to get his money's worth with the latex tube on his mask.