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Red latex skirt

I'm wearing my tight red latex skirt. I also have a bar stool to sit on. All that's missing is the drink.


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I show you my latex corset

I always like being out and about in latex. I wear a corset with my latex outfit that really shows off my figure.



"Medical" treatment in latex Part 1 Preparation

A latex slave wants to be treated by me. I prepare him on the gyno cage and insert him a plug.


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Gorgeous white latex underwear part 2

What a great latex combination. The great white latex underwear set together with my extremely long purple latex boots. simply fantastic.


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All transparent Latex

It is a fascinating feeling to wrap yourself in transparent latex. The thin transparent latex layer has its own special charm. Take a look at the series on my site.


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Violet transparent latex in the right light

I play the lighting engineer for my photographer. This lamp is supposed to put my latex dress in the right light.


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Olive-colored latex two-piece set

My outfit today almost looks like work clothes. That's why I decided to wear a pair of red wellies instead of heels.



The game with the balloon mask 2nd part

I put on a skin-tight latex catsuit and a mask to play with my slave. I blow my slave's mask wide open. Now he is completely at the mercy of my play ideas.


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Smoke transparent latex

I think the combination of latex parts in latex in smoke-colored latex is great and the heels in pink go great with it. Take a look at the foto series on my site.


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A glass in honor ...

I take the opportunity to relax on the couch in my elegant latex dress and enjoy a nice glass of sparkling wine.