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Latex on vacation by the sea

I always take some latex clothes with me on vacation. Hope this will be possible again soon.


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My latex slave lights my cigarette

Latex slaves are sometimes useful too. I enjoy my latex and my dominance while he gives me fire and serves as an ashtray, smile.



Latex, finger claw and cracking balloons

A number of balloons are waiting for my finger claw. I enjoy blowing things up.


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Latex in Town

Today I'm in my virtual latex world in a chic dress.


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In latex in the hotel lounge

To discover what is available in a hotel in a latex outfit, to try it out is a great thing. Maybe I'll find a sponsor who'll give me a new latex jacket.


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Transparent Latex, Latex apron and huge champagne glass

I have hidden a large glass under my latex apron. Look what I'm going to do with it. Let yourself be surprised by my special piercings.


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My slave is fed liquid through the gag

I put my latex slaves in handcuffs. He gets a gag in his mouth. He gets champagne from me with a syringe.


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Transparent latex feeling with a view

I really like transparent latex. In addition to the great feeling that latex offers anyway, there is also the erotic component.



A gas mask encourages play

A gas mask with a latex catsuit gets me in the mood to play. But not enough, I get more to satisfy my lust.


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Christmas set 2020

Sparkling white stars on a blue background. I'm in a great mood in a latex catsuit. It's sure to be a great Christmas.